Wednesday’s Wonder: the TMZ of DMZ

This Wednesday’s Wonder: Private eyes are watching you and your every move at the DMZ.

It all started at about 6:00 in the morning. When the dawn cracked, we were out the door heading to the USO army office awaiting orders to hop on a bus to the DMZ. Like most things war-related, the DMZ has become somewhat of a spectacle. How fascinating is it to know that the de-militarized zone is actually the most heavily-militarized zone we have ever set foot on…this is the only militarized zone we have ever set foot on…

On one side is the freedom-loving South Korean army and on the other is the staunchly despotic, steely grey KPA forces and both are armed to the teeth. Both have a job to keep and that’s keeping the zone in one place and monitored constantly.

And, both are watching your every move; reporting back everything you do. Wanting to take a photo? Reported. Staring at a lookout a little too long? Reported. Yawning? Reported.

Those TMZ DMZ private eyes are watching you.

Watching...always Watching…always


Have you been to the DMZ? Or any war zones (former or current)? Let us know!
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