Wednesday’s Wonder: A Sliver of Light

This Wednesday’s Wonder: A Sliver of Light in Hong Kong

Like sardines, employees at my work pile into a teeny, rickety elevator that probably hasn’t been serviced since the Reagan Administration. I’m used to it. The ride is short, but it can feel like forever as people squirm for the last bit of space in that petite electric-moving square.

It’s cramped. But, it doesn’t quite have the same feeling as Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, a city in the south eastern edge of China, a place once colonized by the British, has a population of over 7 million people. Hong Kongers live in a space so small relative to the rest of China, that if we were to compare apples to oranges, Hong Kong would be that ant resting steadily on the orange of China.

Skyscrapers tower overhead. People live in apartments stacked 20, 30, 40, possible even 80 stories high. It’s so densely packed, that the only solution is to venture vertically.

Walking through the streets of Hong Kong is like walking through a concrete jungle of long square cement trees. There is room to move. But, it’s shared. There is room to breathe. But it is shared. So when a source of light shines in a straight line to the harbor, it too is shared. But, it is also quite rare.

between the buildings between the buildings

What has been your moment of serenity on your travels?

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