The Best View in Edinburgh Is….

Exchange rates. They are quite literally the bane of a traveler’s existence. Unless of course, your country’s dollar is worth more than the one you’re visiting. Or, if you’re from the UK and then, pretty much, the world is your oyster.

So, anyway, our US dollar didn’t quite compare to the UK’s pound and we found ourselves searching around for a lot of budget places that would keep us close enough to London’s Tube.

We ended up staying in a couple of Premier Inn’s during our travels around the UK. Premier Inn is fairly budget-y. In fact, it’s kind of like the American version of a Best Western (because Best Western’s around the world are way more classy than here in the States). There are no frills at this place and that’s that.

This. is. Edinburgh! This. is. Edinburgh!

There is one frill, though: this amazing view in Edinburgh, Scotland. It can be found at the Premier Inn. Can you imagine? This was our view for less than 50 USD per night. Frank spent most our evenings in Edinburgh just staring at the castle. He would spend hours every night sitting on the couch in the hotel room just looking at the castle light up at night. And all it took was a little bit go budgeting.

What do you think of the Edinburgh castle, brah? Nice view? Is it true that sometimes the best things in life are free? Or very cheap? Let us know in the comments!

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