Wednesday’s Wonder: Teeny Seoul

This Wednesday’s Wonder: What is this? A City for Ants!?

Back when I was kid shmuh-shmuh years ago, I had a lot of Polly Pockets. Does anyone remember those? They were pocket-sized cities with a half-inch plastic gal named Polly. I had a ton of these. There was Under the Sea Polly Pocket, College Polly Pocket, Fairy Polly Pocket, Junglebook Polly Pocket. You name it, I had them. I also tossed them out and now they’re collectibles [enter angry emoji here].

Polly’s cities were tiny and her only interaction with the city was in Polly-sized circles places strategically throughout her tiny city. She could not sit. She could not talk. She could only be plasticky. Her life truly exemplified a teeny city.

Seoul, however, is vast. I wonder how could Polly have her own Seoul pocket when this place is just so big. Or…can she? If Seoul was the next inspiration for the Polly Pocket revamp, I bet it would look a lot like this:

Seoul from above Seoul from above


What do you think? Could this be a city for ants? Or for the famed Polly Pocket, who’s only a hair taller than an ant? Been to Seoul? Let us know what you think!

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  • Oh my gosh, I remember Polly Pockets. They’re collectibles now? I gave all of mine to the next door neighbor. *sigh
    I love this picture. I am actually living in Seoul right now and this picture certainly brings a whole different perspective to a gorgeous, huge city.
    Happy travels!

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