Wednesday’s Wonder: The Most Pleasant Poop Ever

This Wednesday’s Wonder: Fort Santo Domingo, Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan has quite a long history of colonialism. Because of that, there are relics of a colonial past throughout the country.

Fort Santo Domingo was first built by the Spaniards in 1628. 20 years later, the fort was destroyed by some Taiwanese who were tired of their crap; only to be built again by the Spaniards.

Then the Dutch wanted a piece of Taiwan and managed to expel the Spaniards. They tore down the fort, perhaps as a symbolic gesture of the new colonial power. Wanting to show that they were different from the former colonists, the Dutch built the same fort…in the exact same spot.

But then the Dutch were ousted and the Chinese took over. They were pretty satisfied with the fort. But seeing how China has always been isolationist in nature, they added some gates.

Then these British blokes came by and were fairly satisfied with the looks of the flat, with the exception of the color and they decided to paint it red.

That’s a lot of history for a a gorgeous building. This view was taken from the toilet, thus making it the most pleasant poop ever. Seriously, if I had a view like this from my bathroom, I would be in there a lot more often than I normally am. Wouldn’t even need a newspaper.

Oh that's nice. Oh that’s nice.


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