The Atlanta City Pass: A Pass to Awesome

Atlanta City Pass to Awesome Atlanta City Pass to Awesome

“That’ll be 148 dollars,” said the man behind the register.

[gasp] “So expensive!”

Frank looked befuddled for a moment (don’t worry, this happens a lot in our relationship) and then said, “but it saves so much money and time in the long run.”

That statement was absolutely correct.

We visited Atlanta on a holiday weekend, when the lines for the Georgia Aquarium resembled Disneyland on steroids, and the World of Coca-Cola literally had the entire world waiting to get in. The Atlanta City Pass helped us expedite past the crowds.

CNN Headquarters


This is CNN (Agh, I can't stop with the James Earl Jones voice) This is CNN (Agh, I can’t stop with the James Earl Jones voice) The World's Longest Free-Standing Elevator The World’s Longest Free-Standing Escalator

For quite a while, my husband has loved to watch CNN. I always thought it was because he was a learned fellow and desired to keep up with events. Turns out he has a mad crush on Erin Burnett, a CNN news anchor. This would explain why he was so excited to visit CNN Headquarters. Here I was thinking it was because he wanted to take the world’s longest free-standing escalator.

While he never did get to visit his crush, we did learn a lot about how CNN runs. Like, how there are hundreds of people dedicated to researching news around the clock and how CNN was the first to develop the Magic Wall. We also spotted Fredricka Whitfield in the research room.

And I could not stop reading every CNN sign in James Earl Jones’ voice.

Georgia Aquarium


Poor Sap Poor Sap

The Georgia Aquarium is a madhouse. A madhouse of families taking family photos in front of a glass aquarium using flash photography (I’m not eager to see those failed photos). The Georgia Aquarium is so busy that they sold out of tickets for the free dolphin show. It would be best to make the Georgia Aquarium the first visit of the day if you want to see some dancing dolphins…that is, if you’re into that kind of thing. Personally, the last time I saw a dolphin show, it was on The Cove and that fixed my need for “aw-how-cute-adorable-animals-performing-circus-tricks”.

The Georgia Aquarium is the biggest in the world and is also home to the whale shark as well as a poor pale-as-a-corpse soul known as the albino alligator. He seems to be so sensitive to light, they even keep his man cave dimly lit.

It's ok, I speak whale (shark) It’s ok, I speak whale (shark)

Coca-Cola World


Coca-Cola Sign Entrance to happiness What's behind the vault? corn syrup? love? more soda? What’s behind the vault? corn syrup? love? more soda? All the free soda you can drink All the free soda you can drink

Coca-Cola World, this is an open letter of grievance:

Listen, there’s only so much sugar (high fructose corn syrup) in this world, so, there’s no need to sucker people in with all this high fructose happiness.

I’m serious.

Beverly, it's still gross Beverly, it’s still gross

Your employees working there are so sickeningly sweet, it’s ingratiating. Having us believe that the secret formula in the vault is love? I’m not a Grinch or anything. But, if I have to sit through one more of those overly-happy movie montages of a cheerleading soda bottle named Wendy or see another person smiling ear-to-ear out of genuine happiness, my heart is going to grow another size.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy isn’t healthy for anyone.

Oh, wait, you’re saying I get to try all the flavors of soda from around the world and I get a free bottle of Coke? What’s this feeling in my heart? I think it’s…

I think it’s love. That is the secret formula!

Alright, you got me. The World of Coca-Cola is pretty awesome. So awesome, I can’t stop smiling. But, the Beverly is still awful. Carbonated grapefruit is still grapefruit no matter how you try fructose it.

High Museum of Art and the Margaret Mitchell House

We saw the High Museum of Art without using the Atlanta City Pass because we’re members at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Having a membership at certain museums can get you free entry at quite a few participating museums around the country.

At times in relationships, couples often think they know about one another. My husband thought I had seen Gone with the Wind. More importantly, he thought I liked it, as in a “Frankly-my-dear-I-don’t-give-a-damn…what-you-think-about-my-infatuation-with-the-movie” kind of like. I can attest to neither. But, what I can tell you is that Frank honestly loves that movie.

A lot.

Creepily so.

See, these are the things you need to find out before marriage. Single people, pay attention to this: knowing a partner’s movie infatuations is about as important as shacking up before getting hitched. Otherwise, you could end up marrying a dude who likes Gigli. You do not want to marry a dude who likes Gigli (or a guy who has more hair products than you…luckily my husband is not one of those).

Margaret Mitchell’s house was also quite a humble abode, despite the fact that she made a lot of money off a book that closely mirrored her life. Based on how small her apartment was, I’d say that there is an alarming trend among Americans: homes get bigger as we expand. And by expand, I mean our waistline. I couldn’t walk two feet without nearly-bumping into furniture. But, I’d venture to guess that Mitchell didn’t mind the modest size. Furthermore, she’s the kind of gal who wouldn’t “give a damn” what you thought about her house.

The outside of Margaret Mitchell's House. The outside of Margaret Mitchell’s House.

The Atlanta City Pass allows access to CNN Headquarters, the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. It can be used to see either the Atlanta Zoo or Atlanta History Center. The City Pass can also be used to see either the Fernbank Museum of Natural History or High Museum of Art. If you have a few days in the city, I highly recommend getting the Atlanta City Pass. You’ll save some money, see a dolphin show and read every CNN sign in the voice of Mufasa (It has been stuck replaying in my head along with the Harlem Shake for the past three days. I can’t get it out!).

Have you tried the Atlanta City Pass? What sites would you recommend to visit?

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