Oye, México City: Bite Me

Hey, ya crazy nuts! Sorry for the long hiatus. We’ve been super busy with work and school! I studied my wonderbutt off and got a … Read the rest

Wednesday’s Wonder: Teeny Seoul

This Wednesday’s Wonder: What is this? A City for Ants!? Back when I was kid shmuh-shmuh years ago, I had a lot of Polly Pockets. Does anyone … Read the rest

The Best View in Edinburgh Is….

Exchange rates. They are quite literally the bane of a traveler’s existence. Unless of course, your country’s dollar is worth more than the one you’re … Read the rest

Wednesday’s Wonder: the TMZ of DMZ

This Wednesday’s Wonder: Private eyes are watching you and your every move at the DMZ. It all started at about 6:00 in the morning. When … Read the rest

Our 3 Fave Food Hubs (…Besides LA)

We love food. There. I said it. We freaking love food. It’s just so delicious and when we find a restaurant that’s amazing, we just … Read the rest

Wednesday’s Wonder: We Yacht to Buy a Boat

This Wednesday’s Wonder: Boats Everywhere in Miami. Ah, yes, Miami: it’s quite lovely, especially in the summertime! But, in all seriousness. It’s pretty hot and … Read the rest

Wednesday’s Wonder: Another Amazing Sunset!

This Wednesday’s Wonder: Yes, this is the actual color of the sunset. Well, Nature, you did it again. You gave us yet another amazing sunset. This one … Read the rest

Hana: The Road to Nowhere

Azure waves brush up against coral-strewn and lava coastlines. Each point, each gulch, along the way is so different from the rest despite being the … Read the rest

Monkey Butts and all that Jazz in Japan

I’m just going to come out and say it: I have always loved monkeys. Ever since ithatching little Marcel on Friends, I thought: “how cool would … Read the rest

Wednesday’s Wonder: Vastness

This Wednesday’s Wonder: Seoul’s Skyline is Vast. We walked forward, backward (good for the hammies), uphill, downhill, listing lazily to the left and in the … Read the rest