Frank & Nicole on Bench

Our eyes met. Myself, holding a shot of Jack (as liquor should be). He…holding a Coke.

“Who’s the Dr. Love?” I asked, tugging on my sexy geisha costume.

“That’s Frank.”

Unbeknownst to us, love was born at that Halloween party.

The standard get-to-know-you questions were asked, the most prominent being, “Do you like to travel?” Several awkward dating-stage questions and subsequent years later, and the love for travel has become a reality.

They say you don’t know your partner until you travel with them. It’s true. You don’t know the subtle nuances and annoyances of your partner until you’re crammed in a 12′ x 12′ room with them. Suddenly, that snoring is a little louder and becoming romantically lost in a foreign city is now a torn map of frustration as the day dwindles to night.

Suffice it to say, we have never experienced these setbacks in our travels. In fact, we’re quite good at it. Frank, an owner of a design and animation studio is the logical planner for our adventures, utilizing the time with the utmost expediency. Nicole is the high school English teacher with a crude sense of goofballism. This balance we have as a duo works quite well when we’re traveling.

We focus on the reprieve and genuine happiness that getaways provide all while advancing our careers, building a family, and investing in our retirement. There is something magically rewarding about traveling: Every adventure is life-changing and elevates the depth and understanding of ourselves.

Frank & Nicole 02People often ask about our adventures and ask for itineraries and specific advice when they travel. And we noticed something about these inquiries. Our families, our friends and strangers are just like us: middle-class professionals with the itch to travel, but with no idea how to get there without blowing copious amounts of money.

But, it’s possible for you, solo, with friends or with your partner, to see the beauties of this world and to have fabulous adventures. And, no, it doesn’t require taking out a second mortgage nor does it require hitchhiking with just a backpack. Some people avoid high-traffic sites. Some people revel in them. We prefer a mixture of both and we do so with the utmost efficiency, fun and enlightenment.

Join us on our adventures! Go nuts!

Frank & Nicole

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